Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International

Finance Committee


Christie Hussa MBA, RD

Stacey Lamb MS, RD

Nancy Perrott RD

Belkys Prado MS, RD

Jill Skrabal MS, RD

Darla Smith MPH, RD

Sandy vanCalcar PhD, RD

Goal and Objectives:

  • Maintain an operating budget for each fiscal year.
  • Maintain and submit all appropriate documentation for taxes and non-profit status.
  • Seek new funding source.



  • Develop and maintain an operating budget within the fiscal year timeline and report to the Board quarterly.
  • Work with each committee to define budgetary items and sources of income revenue.
  • Maintain non-profit status and comply with IRS regulations for filing taxes, conducting audits, and maintaining records for the organization.
  • Work closely with Conference Planning Committee to maintain planning within the constraints of the budget.
  • Identify new sources of revenue to allow GMDI to continue to achieve its goals and objectives.