Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International

Technology Committee


Jessica Balliet RD

Sharon Ernst MS, RD

Dianne Frazier PhD MPH, RD

Debra Hook MPH, RD

Kathleen Huntington MS, RD

Laura Jeffers MEd, RD

Kelly McKean MS, RD

Fran Rohr MS, RD

Sarah Sullivan MS, RD, LDN


Goal and Objectives:

  • Advise the GMDI on matters related to the use of new technology in promoting GMDI's mission.
  • Liaison with technology contractors to implement GMDI projects.



  • Manage MetabolicPro, a diet analysis program developed by GMDI for metabolic dietitians.
  • Specific activities include:
    • Updating database to keep information current.
    • Enhancing program features to meet needs of dietitians.
    • Marketing the program
  • Manage the technical aspects of the GMDI website, GMDI's main communication tool, member database and e-commerce system.