Award Nomination Instructions

Instructions for making Award Nominations

All forms and supplemental materials should be submitted by email to GMDI (

To nominate a colleague for an award:

  • Submit completed Nomination Form and Letter of Recommendation by October 1, 2023
  • GMDI will contact Nominee to request other required information

For self-nominations:

  • Submit complete Application form, CV or Biosketch, personal statement and required letters of recommendation by October 30, 2023


  • October 1:  Deadline for submitting nominations; GMDI contacts nominees to request additional information
  • October 30:  Deadline by which nominees for Pacesetter or Emerging Leader Awards must submit completed application and other required materials.  This is also the deadline for self-nominations (application form, CV or Biosketch, personal statement and required letters of recommendation
  • Award recipients will be notified by December
  • At GMDI Conference (April every 2 years):
    • Award presented by GMDI President at GMDI member meeting during GMDI Conference
    • If awardee is not attending GMDI Conference, awardee may appoint a representative who is attending conference to accept award on awardee’s behalf OR GMDI will send/mail/email directly to awardee.

Type of Award

# yrs worked Metabolics

#recommendation letter by current GMDI member



2-5 years


1-year GMDI membership (USD $125 value)


>5 years


2-years GMDI membership (USD $250 value) OR USD $250 discount on conference registration for the upcoming GMDI conference


>10 years

2 (1 from GMDI founder OR BOD member)

Full conference registration for upcoming GMDI conference; if not planning to attend conference, may be exchanged for 3 years GMDI membership (value up to USD $500)

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