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PROP Nutritional Guideline (NG) Toolkit

We are pleased to announce that the Propionic Acidemia (PROP) Toolkit is now available online. The PROP toolkit consists of 11 case scenarios detailing nutrition intervention for newly diagnosed infants, children, teenagers and pregnant women living with Propionic acidemia.

The PROP toolkit may be found via the following weblink:  

The PROP Toolkit is an international collaborative project, including case contributions from experienced metabolic dietitians working in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  We hope the PROP Toolkit case examples as an adjunct to the PROP Nutrition Guidelines will be helpful to metabolic dietitians providing medical nutrition therapy for individuals living with propionic acidemia. 

Rani Singh, PhD, RD, LD and Fran Rohr, MS, RD and Co-Principal Investigators 

The PROP Toolit Workgroup was co-chaired by Keiko Ueda, MPH, RD and Elaina Jurecki, MS, RD

The PROP Toolkit Cases were authored by GMDI members:

  • Newly diagnosed infant:  Amie Thompson, RD, LD
  • Newborn Requiring Parenteral Nutrition: Suzanne Hollander, MS, RD, CSP
  • Newborn transitioning from Parenteral to Enteral Nutrition: Suzanne Hollander, MS, RD, CSP
  • Nutrition management of Older infants and toddlers (introductions to solids): Gina Wey, RD, LDN
  • Toddler with Isoleucine deficiency:  Lisa Obernolte, MS, RD
  • Liver transplantation: Sarah Herd, RD
  • Teenager with Low plasma valine and isoleucine and Teenager with persistent positive urine ketones: Keiko Ueda, MPH, RD
  • Teenager with acute pancreatitis: Zazil Olivares,RD
  • Pregnant woman with PROP:  Fran Rohr, MS, RD and Leslie Martell, MS, RD
  • Pregnant woman with PROP: Delivery and Post Partum: Fran Rohr, MS, RD and Leslie Martell, MS, RD

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