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GMDI Awards

Starting with the 2020 GMDI Conference, GMDI will make three awards at each conference.  Each award will recognize a GMDI member who has made contributions that support the mission of GMDI. 

The mission of GMDI is to provide standards of excellence and leadership in nutrition therapy for genetic metabolic disorders through clinical practice, education, advocacy, and research.

The three awards will be as follows:

  • Pacesetter Award
    This award will be made to a GMDI member in good standing with 2-5 years of experience in Metabolics.  The Pacesetter Award is intended to recognize the accomplishments of GMDI members who are relatively new to the field of inherited metabolic disorder (IMD) medical nutrition therapy (MNT). 
  • Emerging Leader Award
    This award will be made to a GMDI member in good standing with greater than 5 years of experience in IMD MNT.  The Emerging Leader Award is intended to recognize the accomplishments and contributions GMDI members with more experience in the field of metabolics. 
  • Phyllis B Acosta Lifetime Achievement Award
    This award will be made to a GMDI member in good standing with 10 or more years of experience in IMD MNT.  This award is intended to recognize significant accomplishments and contributions over the course of several years

Click HERE to view a list of previous Award Recipients

Member accomplishments and contributions include, but are not limited to the following types of activities:

  • Service to GMDI as a committee member, committee chair or co-chair, or officer;
  • Professional service as a member of a GMDI Workgroup or Task Force and/or a member of a Nutritional Guideline Workgroup;
  • Contributions to the field through research, publication or innovations in industry supporting GMDI’s mission;
  • Sharing expertise through educational presentations for patients and families, metabolic RDs, other healthcare professionals, including abstracts and poster presentations at GMDI and other relevant meetings;
  • Developing innovative clinical service models or programs;
  • Patient advocacy as demonstrated by service to patient advocacy organizations;
  • Developing professional (RD) and/or patient educational materials and programs.

MINIMUM requirements at time of nomination for ALL awards: 

  • Nominee must be a current GMDI member in good standing
  • Nominations may come from any GMDI member, BOD member or founder; self-nomination acceptable for all awards
  • See table for minimum years worked in metabolics requirements/award

For Pacesetter and Emerging Leader awards:

  • Nominees must submit application, CV or Biosketch, personal statement and recommendation letters (see table/award) by deadline (see below for award process timeline)
  • Personal statement should address applicant’s contributions and activities that support the mission of GMDI

For Phyllis B Acosta Lifetime Achievement award:

  • Two letters or recommendation must be submitted; at least one of these must be from a current BOD member or GMDI Founder. 
  • Nominee is not required to submit an application or personal statement. 
  • If possible, please submit the nominee’s CV (not required). 


Type of Award

# yrs worked Metabolics

#recommendation letter by current GMDI member



2-5 years


1-year GMDI membership (USD $125 value)


>5 years


2-years GMDI membership (USD $250 value) OR USD $250 discount on conference registration for the upcoming GMDI conference


>10 years

2 (1 from GMDI founder OR BOD member)

Full conference registration for upcoming GMDI conference; if not planning to attend conference, may be exchanged for 3 years GMDI membership (value up to USD $500)



All forms and supplemental materials should be submitted by email to GMDI (

To nominate a colleague for an award:

  • Submit completed Nomination Form and Letter of Recommendation by February 15, 2022  
  • GMDI will contact Nominee to request other required information

For self-nominations:

  • Submit complete Application form, CV or Biosketch, personal statement and required letters of recommendation by March 1, 2022


  • February 15th:  Deadline for submitting nominations; GMDI contacts nominees to request additional information
  • March 1st:  Deadline by which nominees for Pacesetter or Emerging Leader Awards must submit completed application and other required materials
  • Award recipients will be notified by mid March
  • At GMDI Conference (April every 2 years):
    • Award presented by GMDI President at GMDI member meeting during GMDI Conference
    • If awardee is not attending GMDI Conference, awardee may appoint a representative who is attending conference to accept award on awardee’s behalf OR GMDI will send/mail/email directly to awardee.


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